Tarmac Dublin

Larger paving projects are primarily done by an experienced tarmac contractor in Dublin. Finding the right contractor requires looking for one that has the skill sets needed to launch the project and see it to completion. This involves more than their own personal skills, but that of a crew of individuals that are committed to seeing the job through. Below are a few of the areas to consider before hiring a contractor for your next tarmac project.

Engineering Advisement

Development of commercial endeavors such as car parks and private or public access roads should involve the advice of a civil engineer. Geology, drainage and other factors must be taken into consideration to help formulate the plans for a secure paving project. A quality tarmac contractor in Dublin will work closely with a civil engineer to create plans that offer a firm foundation for the safety and longevity of the surface.

Pre-Planning and Project Strategy

There is hardly an area that you will not find tarmac in Dublin. It is used for driveways, car parks, playgrounds, shopping centers, hospitals, and seemingly endless roadways. Every one of these projects has been successful due to proper pre-planning and developing a strategy that results in a well-structured surface. Contractors offering tarmac services in Dublin understand the value of bringing together professional minds and opinions that lay the foundation for perfect results. You need to have an expert that can call on the experience of a team that has the proven ability to bring plans to fruition.


You may have heard it said “no job is too big, or small,” but does the contractor have the ability to scale up to a large project? This is important if you are planning on laying the foundation for a private roadway, extensive car park, or other large-scale tarmac surface project. Conversely, will they be able to scale back enough to complete a home driveway? Flexibility and scalability are desirable traits for a tarmac contractor in Dublin. There should be reasonable evidence that large jobs can be completed in an acceptable timeline. There should also be no fear that an army of heavy equipment will block up the neighborhood to tarmac a driveway.

Dedicated Equipment and Manpower

Planning for a large tarmac Dublin project might go smooth, but what happens if the work begins and suddenly there seem to be periods of inaction at the site? A project slated to take months will not get done if necessary manpower and equipment is moved off to work on other projects simultaneously. It is wise to discuss how much equipment and manpower will be dedicated to your particular project on a daily basis. There needs to be enough commitment to keep the project moving forward at a steady pace.