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  • Davitt Driveways Dublin Paving Tarmac Contractor
    Davitt Driveways took on the 90 Day Marketing Marathon for driveways and paving and are having wild success. Their paving in Dublin business has grown by 500% in 6 months. ┬áTo see what they are doing, check out their site at Having a rock solid customer service policy can help you deal with all aspects of your customer’s requests. This policy should cover basic areas of a customer service program, which will help you to develop a positive relationship with all of your customers.
  • Necessary Tasks You May Want to Delegate
    As a business owner, time is of the essence. Your time should be spent doing what you do best. The day-to-day administrative tasks can be delegated. It’s so much easier to review work than to do it yourself! Here are some suggestions to get you started.
  • What Make Us Unique and Different
    Starting a business can take a lot of time, money, and energy. Since we don’t want to completely start from scratch, we often want to copy (legally) other techniques, strategies or processes used by others. On the other hand, what makes your business thrive is your uniqueness. It is your passion and purpose combining with the unique way you develop and deliver your product or service that makes you attractive to customers.
  • Weaknesses of Wishing
    When you’re starting a business, you might wish for a lot of things, like having more than enough customers or not having to do marketing. Wishes are future oriented. To run a business, you need to be intentional, focused and highly aware of the present for it is only from the present that you can make things happen. Action is key to getting what you want for your business. What are some of the weaknesses around wishing?
  • Avoid Becoming a Zombie
    At any given time in our life, we can feel like a zombie. A zombie is someone who is just going through the motions – uninspired and unmotivated. When we change our attitude or approach to life, everything changes. So what can we do to create a different outcome for ourselves?
  • Brand Components
    Your brand is the culmination of everything about you and your business. It is how people come to know you. It is your business name, logo design or other symbol that identifies your goods and services. It’s what makes you different from everyone else in business. What are some of the components that come to make up your brand?
  • Web Site Turn Ons
    A web site for your business has many of the same purposes as a sales brochure. At the same time, it is more “delicate” and requires more attention. It is technically more advanced and therefore more challenging to design as well as to keep up to date. What should you consider when developing your own web site?
  • Growing Sales Through Creating Connections
    As a business owner it is your mission to develop a marketing strategy to offer your potential clients a way to improve their situation, solve a problem, provide more value, or open new opportunities to motivate them to buy from you. These ten powerful tools, taken from The 90 Day Marketing Marathon for driveways and paving Blunders from A to Z will support you in creating meaningful connections with your customers and provide real time solutions to challenges of today.
  • Customers Who Rave About You and Your Service
    In the world today customers are looking for certain qualities in the people they do business with. These qualities have been found by the marketing gurus of the world, and if present, will help you develop a customer base that will be with you for the long haul.
  • Avoid Being Vague
    We are bombarded with thousands of marketing messages daily…on television and the radio, on the internet, in magazines and newspapers, on billboards and other signs, and even at the bottoms and on the backs of receipts. in order to get heard, we need our marketing messages to be clear and concise. To be successful in business, our messages must clearly target a specific audience, explaining to them the features and benefits of our product or service. How can we ensure that our messages are all that they can be?
  • Moving Beyond Self-Sabotage
    Self-sabotage is one key factor that keeps our business from moving forward. We can sabotage ourselves in a variety of ways. Here are some tips to help you move beyond self-sabotage.
  • Reducing Customer Resistance to Your Product or Service
    Resistance has to do with putting up blocks that prevent us from doing, being, or accomplishing what we want for our business. When we resist things, sometimes we miss out on opportunities – opportunities to work with new people, attract new customers, or even pursue a new product or service idea which could catapult us to new levels of success. What are you resisting in your business when it comes to marketing your products and services? And, what can you do today to move through it?
  • Over Delivering Provides Big Results
    Over promising is a problem only when you under deliver. There are a number of ways that you can over-deliver to your customers or prospects, and as a result create a win-win situation for you both. The following are just a few of those techniques you can use to over-deliver for your clients.
  • Marketing Quandaries
    Being in a quandary prevents you from moving forward in developing and marketing your business. One of the first things we need to recognize about being in a quandary is that we are, in fact, in one! There are a number of easy, simple things that you can start doing today to get yourself out of that place of being stuck.
  • Overcoming Perfectionism
    Perfectionism can get in the way of building or marketing a successful business. It can prevent us from moving ahead quickly or from taking advantage of business opportunities. . Instead of striving for perfection, consider adopting an attitude of striving for excellence. Look at failure as just another teacher. Let’s explore how being less than perfect can move you ahead in your business!
  • Where Businesses Fall Short
    It is important to be able to recognize those areas in your business that may be causing your business to fall short. By recognizing where your business needs help you are better able to focus your attention in the proper places.
  • Masterful Business People
    Being masterful in business is what gives you the competitive edge in today’s business environment. Knowing that you must continually be looking for ways to change and expand your product and give exceptional service to potential clients will make you a master of business.
  • Lone Rangers Suffer without Tonto
    By preferring to work in solitude or isolation you become a Lone Ranger. There are many reasons why people operate in isolation, but by working with others you can boost your energy, motivation, and inspiration for your business. Read on to see how working with Tonto might make your Lone Ranger more effective!
  • Kvetching Behavior and How it Hinders Success
    You may not realize how your behavior and attitude affects your bottom line. But, we know that “kvetching” behavior will hinder your business every time. Read here to learn some simple techniques that can turn this behavior around and increase sales.
  • Why We Judge
    Judgment is the process of forming an opinion of something by making a comparison. Judgments are based on thoughts we hold about people and things. How do judgments of yourself, clients, colleagues, and strategic partners get in the way of your success? Before we can understand that, it’s important to understand the underpinnings of why we judge in the first place.
  • Develop Loyal Customers for a Lifetime – part 1 (1 – 10)
    In today’s competitive world of business it is more important than ever to aim for more interaction with existing customers. This article part one of two and shows the first 10 steps that will help you turn your existing customers into walking billboards for your business and help keep them as customers for a lifetime.
  • Develop Loyal Customers for a Lifetime – part 2 (11 – 20)
    In today’s competitive world of business it is more important than ever to aim for more interaction with existing customers. This article part two of two and shows steps 11-20 that will help you turn your existing customers into walking billboards for your business and help keep them as customers for a lifetime.
  • Marketing Without Ego
    Our ego can get in the way of marketing our business. From our need to be right, to talking about ourselves incessantly; coming from an attitude of arrogance to getting attached to the outcomes of what we do, these are just some of the ways our ego can get in our way. Learn to use your ego in a healthy way that plays on your strengths and not your weaknesses.
  • Consistent Marketing Provides Big Rewards
    Being inconsistent when it comes to marketing your business can be a recipe for disaster. Nothing is more irritating to a potential customer than inconsistency. Here are a few areas to think about to rev up your marketing efforts on a consistent basis.
  • Marketing Hesitation Costs Dearly
    Hesitation, when it comes to marketing, can mean the difference between making a sale and walking away empty handed. Consider these areas, examine where you might be hesitating, and think about what opportunities you may be missing because you allow an opportunity to pass you by.
  • Rise Above Cattiness
    Cattiness is a trait that can include any number of behaviors. Cattiness is a trait that can include any number of behaviors. When you think about how you come across to the people you interact with you can avoid the unfortunate behaviors involved in cattiness. By following some simple rules you can avoid being accused of this trait and enhance all of your interactions.
  • Marketing Messages with Add Zest & Appeal
    When it comes to marketing you need to be able to come out on top. With more than 3,000 marketing messages pummeling consumers on a daily basis you can not afford to be boring. By using some simple strategies you can add Zest and Appeal to your marketing campaigns.
  • Market with Integrity
    Playing games in business can be a lot of fun, but can turn ugly if we’re not careful . The games that you play in business often reflect on your integrity in business. By creating situations where both you and your customer win will increase your integrity and have them coming back for more.
  • Communicating Our Attitude
    Long lasting relationships with your prospect is the goal of successful marketing. When you are not excited about what you are doing, it makes a successful marketing campaign almost impossible. By remembering what your passion for your business is, communicated through your attitude, you can be more successful in your marketing goal.
  • Forward Thinkers Stay Ahead of the Curve
    What is it like from a marketing perspective to be yesterday’s news? We rely on what is tried and true in marketing because it is usually safe, tried, and tested. This article shows you 15 ways to become a forward thinker and stay in today’s news.
  • Punctuality in Business: What it Says About You
    What does being punctual say about you? It shows that you care, are professional, and that your habit is your brand among many other positive qualities of a business owner. Being punctual can show that your customer is important to you.
  • Marketing Apathy Solutions: 10 Solutions for Overcoming Apathy Beginning Today
    Are you suffering from feelings of indifference or a lack of concern when it comes to marketing your business? Marketing apathy is widespread among today’s businesses. Here are 10 solutions for overcoming apathy that you can start using today.
  • Succeeding in Business: 15 Ways to Assure You Come Out Ahead
    There are a number of things you can do today to create a successful business. The key to success is founded in adopting a positive attitude and investing your time and effort to take consistent daily actions. This article shows you 15 ways to get a great start.
  • Games are a Reflection of Behavior
    Games are an opening to our true natures. In games we can react immediately rather than with a careful response. Reactions often depend on your view of the game. If the game is seen as a one-time event, why not be brutal? But if this event is one in a series, then cooperation is clearly the better long-term strategy.
  • Using the Power of Client Testimonials to Grow Your Business
    Client testimonials are one of the most powerful marketing tools you can use. Learn how they can help you attract new clients, increase customer confidence and generate a positive “buzz” about you and your business.